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Fix a Bad Hair Day Quickly with Hair Dryer

You get up late in the morning, and you notice that your hair is too oily, too frizzy, or unmanageable but have no time to style it? We've all been there. Fear not –help is at hand with your hair dryer. With a few tips and tricks, your hair dryer can help you fix the "bad hair days" quickly. Check out below.

1. Frizzy hair
To quickly tame frizz in your hair, apply a little bit of hair shine serum and blow dry from the root towards the tip of your hair. If you have straight hair, use a concentrator and a round brush while blow drying. For curly hair, use a diffuser. When hair is 80% dried, switch to the cool setting to lock in moisture and set the style. This results in a silky, smooth, frizz-free finish.

2. Oily Hair
A quick fix to greasy, lifeless and unmanageable hair: work a small amount of baby powder into your scalp thoroughly, then blow dry with a round brush. The powder absorbs the oils while blow drying helps the powder to distribute and dissolve, making your hair look less oily and bringing back life to your locks.  

3. Flat hair
This often happens to fine, thin hair. Here’s how you can turn it bouncy and voluminous instantly: wet hair, flip your hair upside down and blow dry. If you are wearing straight hair, brush your hair as you dry. If you hair is curly or wavy, use some gel and scrunch as you dry. To finish off, flip your hair upside down again and secure the volume by applying hair sprays or gels.

4. Unruly bangs
Bangs, especially fresh cut ones, can easily go out of order and ruin your style. To tame them, hold bangs out from your face with a brush or your fingers, apply a styling product and blow dry in the direction you wish them to settle. Example: If you want your bangs to lie down straight, aim the blow dryer downward.

Hair dryers really help a lot fixing bad hair days; they not only do the drying job, but also aid in numerous styling procedures. Thus it is essential to invest on a good hair dryer. Check out our picks of best hair dryers for you and buy one!

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