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Tips to Get My CHI Hair Dryer to Work Again

Last week my expensive CHI PRO hair dryer started blowing cold air after only having it over a year - the warranty was just up! I was so sad, and I didn't want to spend extra money to get it repaired or buy a new one.

Luckily the other day I did something accidentally and got it to work again! Here's how I did it: 

Since it blew only cold air, I though it must be the cold button that was stuck. So I plugged it, hit the cold button on and on and on but nothing happened. I got fussed and slammed it on my bed. The cold button hit on my bed hard and the dryer suddenly started to blow hot air! I turned it off and on and it just worked as usual. It's amazing! I asked one of my friends, who's an electrician, but he couldn't explain why this worked.

I surfed the internet and was surprised to find a lot of people having the same problem with their CHI hair dryer. And some had done the similar way to solve the problem, like hitting the cold button on the bathroom counter, with a towel on top of the counter. So I guess it's a useful tip and share it here. People who read this could give it a try before throwing their CHI hair dryer away or paying extra repair charge.    

My electrician friend also told me some other easy tips, which could rule out some obvious, minor problems when a hair dryer fails to work.

1. clean out any dust or debris from the back
It is very common that the filter near the back catch a lot of dust and lint, causing the dryer to either stop working completely or have much less power. Unplug the dryer, take something small, such as tweezers or a bobby pin to clean the dust out as thoroughly as possible. After the back is cleaned out, plug the dryer and turn it on, see if it is working properly again.

2. check the outlet
Sometimes it's not the dryer itself, but the outlet into which the dryer is plugged has the problem. Reset the outlet by pushing the small red button underneath the plug-in area, which might be enough to make the dryer work again. Or if it fails, plug something else into it and check to see whether the entire outlet is faulty or whether the problem is related to the hair dryer itself.

3.  wait till the dryer cools down
Many hair dryers have automatic shut-offs that are triggered when the dryers get too hot. So just wait a few hours and then try turning a hair dryer on again before throwing it away, since it might come back on later, after it has had a chance to cool down.

If you've tried everything above but still can't get the dryer work again, it might be necessary to have it repaired by the professionals.

Comments (9)

Posted by Laury on Mon, May 27th, 2019
Ok, here’s why that works:    first off, stop banging the cooling switch, that’s not the issue.    The issue is a small thermal cut off switch that is mounted in the barrel of the hair dryer and what happens is you get a little bit of lint build up in between the bimetal strip on the thermal cut off switch.    A bimetal strip is a thin piece of metal that is two different metals sandwiched together.    When the strip is heated, each metal expands and contracts differently, causing the metal to bend one way or another, depending upon the temperature.    When the metal gets too hot, it bends and disrupts the circuit, stopping the flow of electricity through the heating element.    When lint gets stuck in between this thermal switch, the heat will not work.    Banging the hair dyer works (sometimes) because it dislodges the lint.    If you’re going to whack it, hit the barrel.    Here’s a couple better ways to fix it though: try using your husbands air compressor into the barrel to blow the lint out of the switch.    You may be able to see the switch mounted on the inside of a fin, the heating element (wire) connects to it.    The best way to fix this would be to remove the screws and take it apart (unplug it first of course), to the point of completely exposing the coils in the barrel.    Then use a small tool (pin, toothpick) to slightly lift the bimetal strip and blow out any lint stuck in it.    If you have a multimeter, you can check each side of the heating element and confirm continuity after cleaning.     Your chi is now ready to dry hair again.
Posted by Jennie Osteen on Wed, Sep 5th, 2018
Your tips are amazing. I bought a hair dryer from https://www.coupons.pk/dryers and tried your tips on it and I was shocked because it works. Thanks a lot
Posted by Anonymous on Wed, Dec 27th, 2017
That really works...thank you!
Posted by Lin on Sun, Sep 17th, 2017
You can also dismantle the dryer and permanently fix the problem.    First, unplug your dryer. Then take out the 2 screws on the back and pry the dryer apart...carefully.    There is a little rectangle part on top of the cool button and that rises to make the air cool.    It needs to return to it's lowered position to make the air hot again, so take some electrical tap and wad it up and place on the rectangle part.    When the you close up the dryer again, be careful that the electrical tape stays in place. This adds added leverage for the part to return to its place to make it hot again.    ONLY use electrical tape because it is meant for electrical wires and parts and will not burn up and start a fire like any other tape will do.    
Posted by Sandi Watson on Wed, Jan 4th, 2017
I plugged my Chi dryer in all the lights on the side work but it won't turn on... if anybody has any helpful hints that would be great I love my Chi and it's only a-year-old
Posted by Paige on Tue, Jan 10th, 2017
Me too!    lights are on, no blowing.
Posted by Daina on Fri, Nov 17th, 2017
My lights are coming on also but no blowing as well. What did you do?
Posted by Sherry Ann Glueck on Tue, Mar 20th, 2018
Mine just did this today...was there a fix?
Posted by Melissa on Sun, Mar 25th, 2018
Was there a fix
Posted by Kristy on Wed, Feb 20th, 2019
Was there a fix for this? Mine just did this today too :(
Posted by Sissy on Sat, Sep 24th, 2016
OMG! THANK YOU! I plugged it in..turned it on and dropped it from about a foot up...and IT WORKED!
Posted by M. Shelton on Tue, Apr 23rd, 2013
It worked!    I can't believe it!    Thank you so much!    Saved me lots of money!
Posted by Debbie on Thu, Jan 3rd, 2013
Your trick worked for be as well. I actually just pressed the cold shot button normally and the hot air started as soon as I released it.
Posted by Anonymous on Thu, Sep 22nd, 2011
lala,it works!thanks so much!!!

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