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The Hunt For The Best Hair Dryer

For highly textured haired people, drying the hair is serious business. It can have devastating results if done improperly. Beside bad technique, a hair dryer that simply blows hot hair will do far more than just dry the hair, it will dry it out. Dried out hair lacks luster and feels rough to the touch. Worst of all, it can lead to breakage.

Over that last few weeks, I've tested five popular hair dryers (range in price from $40 - $300). I will mention the top two in this article, as the others aren't worth mentioning.

These are the hair dryers that I found worth sharing my findings:

CHI Turbo w/Cold Shot Hair Dryer

CHI hair dryer is the lightest in weight and the quietest of all the dryers tested. It uses ceramic heat which seals the cuticle (shinier hair) and repels humidity. The ionic technology in the dryer emits millions of tiny beads of negative ions that will break the water on the hair instead of boiling the water away.

The use of ionic technology cuts the time needed to dry the hair down considerably. Another great feature (not to be ignored) to this hair dryer is the low levels of EMF(Electromagnetic Fields) necessary to operate it or anything you plug up for that matter. Most hair dryers have an EMF level of 1000 or even 1500 microns which is a safety concern for our health and our environment. High levels of EMF's have been linked to leukemia and breast cancer. This dryer, however, has an EMF level of less than 1.5! Another plus is that it includes a diffuser.

Babyliss Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer

The use of ionic technology is the biggest feature of Babyliss hair dryer. The hair has more sheen than if it was used with a non-ionic hair dryer, because the negative ions will help dry the hair without frying it as we've already learned. It has six speed/heat settings including a turbo setting that gets really hot. Be cautious in using this setting, especially if your hair is chemically treated.

As far as my personal feelings about the top two dryers are concerned, I'd choose the CHI Turbo as the best hair dryer. It is the best I've ever used. It has many pluses that places it three, sometimes four steps ahead of other dryers. In the final stages of my hunt for the best hair dryer for ethnic beauties, I parted my hair down the middle. Then, I dried one side using the CHI Turbo and the Babyliss Thermal Ionic on the other. Upon looking in the mirror I could immediately see a difference in texture, sleekness, and body between the two sides. Although the Babyliss side felt smooth, it felt dry in comparison to the CHI side. It didn't move as much as the CHI side did. I was astounded at how shiny, bouncy and soft my hair felt. I took the pictures below to give a visual to my findings.

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