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Some popular hair dryers' feature

Each hair dryer has its own features and functions for market appeal. There are Ceramic hair dryers, Ionic hair dryer,Professional hair dryers, Travel hair dryers, and those with many other features on the market. You'd better choose the hair dryers depend on your particular needs and hair or hairstyle.

Here are the details of some popular hair dryers:

Ceramic hair dryers provide heat distribution for your hair; create smooth, soft and frizz-free glamorous shine in all types of hair.

Ionic hair dryers dry your hair in less time and leave it shinier, smoother than regular dryers.

Bonnet hair dryers dry your hair gently, leaving it soft and manageable. Ideal for roller sets and conditioning treatments.

Professional hair dryers are more durable than retail hair dryers. A professional hair dryer can handle heavy daily use by professional hairstylists for years.

Wall mount hair dryers are space saving. They offer the ultimate in safety and convenience.

Travel hair dryers is tiny hair dryer which is suitable for travel, some even foldable.

Compact hair dryers are equipped with powerful motor, yet in compact design. With a handy little dryer that folds up small, you will say good-bye to the hair-raising experience when travel.

Dual voltage hair dryers make everyday a good hair day. Around the house, around the country, around the world, dual voltage hair dryer is ideal for travel.

Brush hair dryers is basically a blow dryer brush that has hot air flowing through it so you can dry your hair while you style it. This kind of hair dryers can dry and style your hair beautifully in one easy step.

The tourmaline hair dryer is a professional hair dryer with natural ionic properties. Tourmaline prevents static build up in hair unlike other dryers.

Comments (2)

Posted by Anonymous on Sat, May 30th, 2009
don't dry your hair then... go natural, less damage
Posted by Alicia on Sat, Dec 6th, 2008
my hair gets day, poofy and course when i dry my hair. what type of hair dryer do you suggest?

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