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Hair Dryer Holder for Easy Styling

  • Hair Dryer Holder for Easy Styling
Hair Dryer Holder for Easy Styling
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    List price: $39.95

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    We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
Get ready faster with this hair dryer holder that is perfect for styling with both hands.

Ensure a perfect hair day everyday with the Hair Dryer Holder! Featuring a flexible stand for hands free styling and suitable for use with all blow-dryers, you can use both hands to style your hair and achieve a professional look in your own home. Height: 19".

Hair Dryer Holder Features:

  • Flexible neck adjusts to all angles
  • Great for long hair
  • Aids individuals with limited movement
  • Quickly dry your hair or nails
  • Use it to groom your pets


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Buy Hair Dryer Holder WWW.HairDryerHolderS.com
Posted Mon, Jan 8th, 2018 by Hair Dryer Holder Company
rating 5
Excellent Product Make Your Purchase WWW.HairDryerHolderS.com
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Fantastic Product
Posted Thu, Oct 24th, 2013 by Hope in NC
rating 5
My pro dryer stand is fantastic! I am recovering from an injury and needed help styling my hair. The stand does everything I hoped it would. I am able to make adjustments with ease using one hand. It is steady and does not tip over. I like to keep my bathroom counters clear of clutter. This stand has a small profile and I can leave it out while my shoulder is healing without cringing when I it. I gave it five stars.
Even better than the product is the service that I received when I thought a part was missing. A simply email to the company was promptly replied to with an apology. I was immediately shipped the missing part plus a free of charge additional dryer stand. Now...this story gets even better. Like I said I thought parts were missing. The next day I discovered that my husband had dropped the missing part and it went under the couch. I contacted the company again and asked that they bill me for the additional stand. They said it would be FREE and that they understood it had been an honest error.
Don't hesitate to order...great product and even better service.
  • Easy to use
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A must have!
Posted Wed, Apr 10th, 2013 by Chanelle Menefee
rating 5
Before I tried this product, I had purchased another "hair styling stand" and it did not fit my needs at all. It was bulky, heavy and it wouldn't hold up my hair dryer! It was such a struggle to use the product that I had to send it back, but with my RA I still wanted something similar. That's when I found this lovely invention. It is lightweight, compact and best of all, it actually supports my hair dryer! Now I can style my hair with ease without all of the bulk. Thank you for a great product!
  • lightweight, lasts long,
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Great for Traveling
Posted Fri, Nov 16th, 2012 by Leticia
rating 5
The Hair Dryer Stand is ideal for drying nails. :)    
  • lightweight,
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You'll Love this Hair Dryer Holder
Posted Fri, Nov 16th, 2012 by Leticia
rating 5
Great Hair Dryer Stand It's not heavy or bulky perfect for small counters or vanities. It flexes up or down. I like the "one size" open holder so I can pull dryer out as needed.Quality product both the Holder & Base are made of durable steel, yet light weight!
  • lightweight,
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Posted Wed, Aug 3rd, 2011 by Anonymous
rating 5
Its easy to style your hair if you have a stand
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The Best
Posted Sun, Jun 26th, 2011 by Anonymous
rating 5
I LOVE this product. I am un-coordinated and have a terrible time blowing out my hair, but this stand really saved me. I recently took it on vacation and    my brother did not have to hold the dryer while I dried my hair which he hates.    It fit fine in the suitcase. Buy it!
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Owner/Inventor of Pro Styling Stand
Posted Wed, Mar 23rd, 2011 by Leticia Miller
rating 5
Leticia Miller inventor of Pro Styling Stand I have seen other Hair Dryer Holders come to the market place since 2000. They all serve their purpose as we all have different needs. The concept of the other stands came to mind as I sketched them out, but what I was looking for in a Hands-Free Hair Dryer Holder was not a holder attached to a wall, mirror or one that extended to a certain height. I specifically designed & choose to go with my drawing for my situation at hand. I needed a stand that offered short "Range of Motion" for my "Post Surgery" recovery in which I was not to raise my arms over my head. With no Hands-Free dryer holder in the market place I customized the Pro Styling Stand that had the least "Range of Motion” for a speedy recovery. Each stand out there severs it's propose & is a blessing... choice in the market place is great. Enjoy your holder of choice  Leticia Miller/Pro Styling Stand Est. 2000 Visit: www.ProStylingStand.com Blessings
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Buy it at www.ProStylingStand.Com
Posted Wed, Mar 23rd, 2011 by Teresa Guaracha
rating 5
Love it!!!!!!Especially at 5:00 a.m in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. I have long hair and It cuts my blow drying time in half. Ather feature that I love is that It has a flat base and I can easily camouflage it with my own home decor.    I don't know how I lived without it for so many years.    Thank you Hair Dryer Holder Company for inventing such an awesome product.    Raquel
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Buy One a Pro Styling Stand
Posted Thu, Sep 16th, 2010 by Leticia Miller
rating 5
Pro Styling Stand >Established in 2000 our Styling Stand helps promote independence for individuals with Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and After Surgery Care. A Quality Made Product: Metal Holder & Base with Steel Flex Tube. You can purchase your Hands-Free Styling Stand at: www.ProStylingStand.com    To all our customers thank you for your continued business and loyalty, your greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Leticia Miller
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