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Hair Dryer GFCI Protection

We usually use hair dryer to dry our hair and style it with a concentrator, diffuser, brush or other tools. No matter what the type of hair dryer you used, a hood, bonnet or hand held dryer, all should be plugged into an electrical outlet equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).

The GFCI in hair dryer is not an expensive device, it is specifically designed to protect users from extremely severe or fatal shocks when using a hairdryer for their hair drying. If a hair dryer dropped into water when it is plugged in, the fatal electricity could electrocute the person who using the dryer; and even any additional people in the water if the hair dryer makes contact. The GFCI is a sensitive device and can interrupt fatal electrocution that instantly. It detects and reacts to an electrical current leak and even other dangerous event by automatically shutting itself off before grave or fatal damage can occur. When a hairdryer is plugged into an outlet armed with a GFCI, all power will be shut off instantly.

The National Electric codes require all new homes to install GFCI protection in the bathrooms; The Building codes also require GFCI must be installed in the wiring of all businesses building, including salons, spas, barber shops and related personal services.

If the building built before 1975, it may not be up to GFCI regulations and requirements. Then you'd better to install an permanent or portable GFCI unit into your home.

Even though, the fatal electrical shocks which result by hair dryers or other small grooming devices being dropped into the water still induced hundreds deaths a year since the 1970s.

No matter whether you have installed GFCI or not, please always keep your electrical tools and hair dryers unplugged when not in use. Even better, use them as far away from water as possible.

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