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Why Choose Ceramic Hair Dryer?

Ceramic hair dryer is the hair dryer that not only dries your hair within minutes but also leaves it feeling soft and looking shiny.

Ceramic Technology for Hair Dryers:

  • The new CERAMIC Technology distributes a radiant heat while caring for the cosmetics of the capillary fiber: your hair is lighter, softer and more manageable.
  • Cares for your hair: Keratin is the basic building block of hair and is particularly sensitive to heat and changes in temperature. It's these changes in temperature that will damage your hair.
  • Dual Ceramic Technology: The combination of the two technologies (convection + radiation) optimizes drying and styling your hair, which is why ceramic (or gentle heat) is important in a hair dryer.

Why Choose Ceramic Hair Dryers?

Do you always have a hard time finding a good hair dryer? If you have shoulder-length, thick, naturally wavy hair that is unnaturally resistant to drying, you may spend hours drying your hair with a standard hair dryer, only to then realize how much immeasurable damage you've done to your hair.

Ceramic hair dryer is the hair dryer that not only dries your hair within minutes but also leaves it feeling soft and looking shiny.

Maybe your hair is naturally wavy, that you just want to use a hair dryer is for the purpose of straightening it out. So you will thrill when you discovered that the dryer left your hair mostly straight without overheating or over drying. In fact, ceramic hair dryer is more efficiency and leaves your hair looking and feeling only that much more healthy.

Ceramic hair dryers have made the dispersion of heat more even and therefore safer, it's important not to concentrate too much heat on one area of the hair for a length of time. If the temperature focused on hair reaches above 350ºF, water inside the hair shaft expands and bubbles, damaging the hair. A normal, clean hair dryer reaches about 300ºF. This breaks the cuticle and gives hair a rough, dry look that's irreparable and won't be fixed until the hair is grown out and cut off. One way to avoid this is to make sure your hair dryer is cleaned often, so stray hairs don't block the airflow and increase the heat output.

Ceramic Hair Dryers Tips:

  • Pre-drying: After your shampoo, dry the hair with a towel and pre-dry with a fast speed concentrator, medium heat. The air must be concentrated on the hair roots.
  • Circular movements with the fingers help an efficient pre-drying.
  • To obtain volume, bring the hair forward towards the face. Don't stop the drying - then send the hair backwards towards the neck.
  • Cool shot: Finishing a brushing with a cool shot closes the hair scales. The hairstyle is then fixed and the hair is more shiny and less electric.

Comments (1)

Posted by monique on Mon, Mar 5th, 2012
thanks for the information, very useful, I just bought a great hair dryer that dries my hair pretty fast, it's the Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer which keeps my hair soft, shiny and with volume. I love it !! :D

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