Light and hot
Posted Tue, Mar 13th, 2012 by Terry
rating 4
I'm pleased with this T3 dryer. Really lightweight, and gets hot to dry my hair quickly. No frizz, due to the ceramic/ionic technology. My hair looks fuller and feels softer with this dryer.

The only con is that the button is placed in the middle of the handle that I keep accidentally turning it off while blow drying my hair.Otherwise I will give it 5 stars.
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Not enough heat!
Posted Wed, Feb 22nd, 2012 by Stephny
rating 3
This dryer is very light, as the name indicates. But there's not enough heat so it can't dry my hair quickly. I find it takes almost the same time as my travel hair dryer did (which is only 1000 watt). I'm disappointed.
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Amazing Hair Dryer
Posted Wed, Apr 29th, 2009 by Kate
rating 4
Not only do I have very smooth hair after I used this T3 hair dryer, but also very shiny.
I think I had made a nice deal, coz I really care about my hair very much, and this T3 hair dryer has itself proved to be a very effective beauty tool in conditioning my hair. I think nobody would reject such an amazing hair dryer.
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