Real or Knock Off - You should know this!
Posted Fri, Jan 29th, 2010 by Jane Gray
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I was very interested in buying a good hairdryer and started reading the reviews on this particular hairdryer.    I was alarmed at the number and the content of the reviews that said that Farouk wouldn't honor a warranty claim on a hairdryer that didn't work so, I went directly to Farouk's website and contacted them through their contact email asking as much.    Their response was very quick and here it is (from Nancy Garcia at Farouk):
    Ms Gray,

    FAROUK Systems does not authorize our products to be sold on-line. We cannot guarantee any products sold on-line are true
    CHI products. You may purchase our items at any one of our authorized retailers or salons. I am attaching a copy of our
    return policy that gives you further details.

    Nancy L. Garcia
    Customer Service Returns Represenative
    Farouk Systems Group

So bottom line:    Buyer beware.    Maybe these are not authentically Farouk products??    But here's the interesting thing ---Amazon explicitly states on the product page that this product is ONLY covered for 30 days (read on)!!!!

Product Description
The CHI PRO Hair Dryer is the latest in Advanced American Technology. This lightweight quiet dryer utilizes Ceramic Technology, Negative Ions, Far Infrared and Low EMF. CHI PRO Hair Dryer includes the CHI Diffuser. All CHI products that are purchased Direct from are covered by a 30 day Amazon warranty. This item is not covered by the manufacture warranty. Applies only to products sold by Does not apply to products sold on our site by third-party merchants or through third-party areas such as Marketplace or Auctions.
Failed after 6 months and mfg. warranty is void if purchased from Amazon.
Posted Mon, Oct 5th, 2009 by Avo Domaine
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Purchased this hair dryer six months ago and the heating element failed.    Pretty short lifespan for a dryer.    Called mfg. and was told warranty is VOID if purchased online (I confirmed this on Chi's website) and they also stated Amazon is not an authorized retailer.    Amazon made good on the warranty after a few phone calls and sent a replacement unit.


This warranty exclusion applies to all Farouk Systems products according to the mfg. I'm sure Amazon will honor the existing warranties but be prepared for a little extra work if your unit fails.
Died after six weeks!!
Posted Fri, Jan 30th, 2009 by super reader
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I purchased this product late Nov., hoping I bought something that would last a very long time considering the high price of this dryer. The hair dryer worked great at first; then just today it started to die out on me....I noticed the plug was extremely warm. I tried it a few hours later and it was completely dead. The warranty is not valid for purchases made over the internet, so I guess I'm out $80!!
No more friz!
Posted Tue, Nov 18th, 2008 by Austin B.
rating 5
I thought $80 was a lot to spend on a dryer, but after reading other reviews I thought maybe it would be worth it. And it is! The dryer is lightweight and super quiet. I didn't have any problems with the attachments either. The best part is that my hair doesn't look like I dried it with a flame-thrower. It's shiny and soft with no friz and my hair is rather wavy and thick, plus is regularly colored. I'd definitely suggest you buy this!
hair dryer
Posted Tue, Apr 15th, 2008 by C. Williams
rating 5
After purchasing numerous dryers and returning them for various reasons, my hairdresser recommended this one as she bought one.    I love it.    It is low on noise.    Others I tried were so loud they hurt my ears while I was drying my hair.    It does not blow too hard, blowing your hair all over the place.    It seems to dry it faster and reduces the frizziness. The heat is hot enough but not so hot it burns your face or scalp.    Lastly, it is not too heavy.    I bought one for my daugher also, and she really likes it.    Hopefully it will last a long time.

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Exceptional and Saves (a bit) on Electricity Costs
Posted Thu, Aug 16th, 2007 by JAC "jjaacc"
rating 5
I was skeptical that this 1300 watt dryer would do the job of typical 1850 watt models but the CHI does an excellent job -- even with the heat setting switched off.    Although this is the most expensive hair dryer I've purchased, I'm totally satisfied with the results so far.    Excellent build quality and perfect size makes it well worth the money.
Chi Dryer Smooths and Softens Hair
Posted Wed, Jul 11th, 2007 by DC World Traveler
rating 5
My stylist uses this Chi dryer at the salon, and I always attributed my end results there to her skill, and not the hair dryer. However, she encouraged me to try a Chi dryer, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The Chi dryer smooths out split ends and damage and gives the hair a softer appearance. Amazon's price with free shipping can't be beat!
Quick, Quiet, Great investment.
Posted Sat, Jul 7th, 2007 by Kathleen Justice
rating 5
I am very pleased with this hairdryer. My hair is long and I was thinking about cutting it until I got this hairdryer, it makes my hair feel softer and look healthier and the best thing is how much faster it drys my hair. With my old dryer I never finished drying my hair, it just took too long.

My daughter has thick shoulder length hair, this hairdryer makes her hair much easier to manage. I highly recommend this hair dryer.
Fabulous hair dryer
Posted Wed, May 30th, 2007 by EBH
rating 4
I've heard that a good hair dryer makes a big difference but never really believed it.    Found the Farouk CHI 1300 on sale and decided to try it.    My hair dries faster, is smoother, shinier, and I really can notice the difference over my old Conair and Revlon driers.    If you can find it on sale, definitely buy it!
Hair actually looks better
Posted Tue, Mar 20th, 2007 by LK
rating 4
My hairstylist recommended this hair dryer--it is the one she uses on my hair at the salon. My hair always looks better after she styles it--and I use the same shampoo and brush that she does--that meant it was time to invest in the dryer. The dryer is pretty quiet and light. Seems like it is made well enough--must be since my stylist has been using it everyday (multiple times) for more than 3 years. I looked at upgrading since there are newer CHI's out there--but this one was cheaper and I knew for sure that it would do a good job. I don't regret not getting one of their fancier more powerful models--I'm not trying to fry my hair, just dry and shape it. After my other professional hairdryer died (did a good job--but got crushed in an accident), I began using a $20 cheapie--what a mistake. When people tell you that all hairdryers are the same, it is because they don't really know. My research has indicated that CHI is only brand on the market with full ceramic components--not just ceramic coated. I really didn't want to spend all this money--but my hair actually looks much better and others have noticed. I would recommend this dryer--it was worth the price to me.
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