Posted Sun, Jul 8th, 2012 by Nicole
rating 4
This blow dryer has cut down my drying time almost in half. I have extremely thick and curly hair with moderate frizz. It normally takes me close to an hour to blow dry my hair and then another hour on top of that to straighten it so it will actually be manageable. Before, with my old Conair blow dryer, it took forever and my hair constantly looked fried. This Chi Nano dryer has made my hair so smooth that I only have to run over the ends with the straightener. It's the perfect amount of heat and my hair is always so soft and shiny when I finish. I love it!
Posted Thu, Jun 7th, 2012 by Jen
rating 1
I swear Chi products should have a disclaimer saying "Does not last for more than a year". It's always bad heating and faulty parts when it comes to Chi products. I'll just give up on chi altogether and get one of those Karmin G3 Salon Pro hair dryers that everyone's talking about.
Great Blow Dryer
Posted Fri, Jan 20th, 2012 by Darilis
rating 5
This dryer gets very hot quick and really does make for a very smooth frizzfree and efficiant blow dry. This blow dryer is quiet, so you can actually here the person your taking care of. Did I say it gets hot? But in a good way its conditioned heat because of the technology. It doesn't blow the hair around like crazy which I have grown accustomed to love, when compared to other blow dryers (solano). Ours broke down recently :( now I have to use the other which suck in comparison to this one. I highly recommend. Solanos have power these have heat.... But only this model! Don't even think about trying the othe chi models !p no bueno.
Posted Wed, Dec 28th, 2011 by Sarah
rating 5
I adore this hair dryer.    It does get really hot but you won't burn yourself or anything as long as you're consistently moving the dryer and not holding it directly against your head.    I have never been good with a round brush and in the past I'd always have to flat iron after drying but with this dryer I don't have to do that.    I use the stand so I can work the brush with two hands and my wavy hair comes out so shiny and smooth that I don't have to flat iron (except for touch ups, like my bangs).    

Prior to having the Chi Nano I just had a cheap $20 dryer and I never understood why I could never get my hair to look like it does when I leave the salon but with this dryer I can achieve an equivalent blowout. My hair comes out super shiny and straight but with volume and body and looks great for about 3 days!!
Whoop Whoop!!
Posted Thu, Dec 2nd, 2010 by Michelle T.
rating 5
Only one word can describe this hair dryer: AMAZING. When I went to my parents house for Thanksgiving break I had forgotten my blow dryer at my house in oklahoma so I had to use my sisters babyliss hair dryer and it literally took me 45 minutes to dry my hair with it. This Chi dries my hair in about 15 minutes and it leaves it so soft. Also its not as loud as most dryers. This is one of the best hair dryers out there!!!!
Sorry Chi......
Posted Thu, Dec 2nd, 2010 by Jamie
rating 1
I had this dryer for a while before I realized it was frying my hair... I thought it was the highlighting..... I bought another chi and loved it but it just stopped working after 6 months... so I pulled this one back out to use and after 2 uses my hair is looking fried... I will not purchase a 3rd Chi....
It Sucks!!
Posted Mon, Nov 1st, 2010 by Marcela
rating 1
I loved the hair dryer, but it only lasted 10 months!! It blows cold air now, for the money I paid for it should have lasted a lot longer!
Posted Tue, Oct 5th, 2010 by Sherry M.
rating 5
This Is The Best Hair Dryer!!!! "YES It Does Get Hot" But Don't Hold It In The Same Place......I Must Say That This Ceramic Nano Ifaredheat CHI Hair Dyer Does What It Says Plus More It Locks In Natural Moister & Also Kills Germs Along The Way I'am African American And I Have Long Thick Hair Once Im Finished Useing This Dryer OMG My Hair Has A Shine, Moister & Ultimite Straightness Along With Softness This Is A Professional Ceramic Nano Infrared Low EMF Blow Dryer To Be Honest It's Only Used By Professional Hair Styliest So Agin Don't Hold It In One Place On Your Head LoL....
Not Worth The Price
Posted Sat, May 15th, 2010 by Pat Hartman
rating 1
The head is extreme and damaged my hair. The dryer made my hair puffier, but after a couple of weeks I noticed the hair wasn't as smooth or shiny.

After about a month it slid off the counter, dropped about 3 feet and broke. I took it apart and the plastic wheel inside was completely shattered.

I called the manufacturer and asked if I could pay to have it replaced and they said they did not repair their dryers unless defective. So I threw it out and bought a salon quality dryer like I had before....which I dropped many, many times over six years and had no problems.

I worried about the craftsmanship when I first held the Chi......plastic seemed thin and just didn't look like it was built with best quality materials. However there were so many good reviews online, I bought it anyway. Now I think many of these reviews are false. There is no way this product could provide long term service.
Chi Is The Best
Posted Thu, May 13th, 2010 by Gauri
rating 5
It took me a while to get used to this dryer, but now its fast. My hair looks so good when I use this dryer. A lot of people have asked me if I am just coming from a Salon.
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