Posted Wed, Jul 25th, 2012 by N. Ivanova
rating 1
A week after buying this dryer the cold shot button broke so now it takes at least 10 pushes before it sticks in so I can get hot air. Year later, the plastic faded and looks green instead of the blue it originally had. In terms of performance - I didn't notice any difference between this and some $20 Revlon dryer. Terrible product.

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4yrs and still going
Posted Sat, Jun 30th, 2012 by Micaiah
rating 5
I love this dryer I just recently needed to buy a new one becuz it stop working unless I wrap the cord around the top ( don't wrap ur cord for travel, when ppl tell u not becuz it ruins the device.. Listen and don't it's true!) I ordered the best sedu dryer out and it sucked!!! Also I order another dryer with tourmaline and that one sucked too! They didn't get hot enough, I'm a hairstylist and to lots of blowouts with my chi blow dryer and I believe that my chi nano made me the best at blowouts with the chi round brush. When I tried to branch out and find something diff I failed NOTHING compares!!!
2nd broken CHI- not worth the high price!
Posted Mon, Apr 9th, 2012 by Marieb
rating 1
This is my second CHI dryer that broke in under two years of use. They are not made well. The heating element broke on both dryers, but there's no way to repair or replace. Overpriced for the short lifespan of the dryer.
Easy to use
Posted Thu, Apr 5th, 2012 by Forward 6
rating 4
My family had small hair dryer, so it took time to dry hair every day.    I studied some high priced dryers and bought this one.    At first, I did not believe Ceramic, Nano technology.    I still can't understand what is Nano for this modei, but anyway, it can dry our hair quite firster.    And it's easy to use.    I will continue to use this model for a while.    Good dryer.
Cool Shot Problem
Posted Tue, Jan 10th, 2012 by skazoo
rating 2
Great blowdryer when it works. Suddenly, out of the blue, the cool shot button ceased to work. It is upsetting because I heavily rely on that function of the blowdryer.
Love this hair dryer
Posted Thu, Sep 8th, 2011 by CLee911
rating 5
I have had this hair dryer for a little over a year now.    I was staying at a friends house and used hers and bought it the next day.    I have long blonde highlighted hair with a natural wave to it so I blow dry my hair and flat iron it every time I wash it.    This dryer cut my drying time almost in half and has reduced breakage down to almost nothing.    You will definitely be able to tell a difference!
Best hairdryer I've ever owned, hands down!
Posted Thu, May 26th, 2011 by Kimberley A. Smith
rating 5
I needed a good hairdryer for camp, the cheap one I bought at Walmart just wasn't cutting it.    I had a Chi Turbo for home, but the switch only worked on one setting (due to the constant on/off it took to blow out my thick, curly hair.)    I decided to take the Turbo to camp and buy a new one for home.    

While searching on the internet for the best price, I learned about the Nano and really struggled with buying it, mainly because of the price.    I liked my Chi Turbo but didn't want to wear out another switch.    I also had heard that the quality of Chi products had gone down hill and saw a DRASTIC difference in pricing, so I called my local beauty supply shop.    What I learned was that genuine Chi products are made in the US ONLY!    If you find a Chi hairdryer for $50, its more than likely a knock off.    If you're buying online, and it's coming from anywhere outside the US, its also likely a knock off!    

Long story short, this is the BEST hairdryer I have ever owned.    It drys fast and leaves my hair soft and shiny, with no frizz, I don't even need to flat iron if I take the time to blow it out right with a large brush!

My opinion, if you're having trouble with your Chi, and you didn't buy it at your salon or local beauty supply store (or other reputable retailer), it's probably not a genuine Chi.    You can't buy a $150 hairdryer for $50 and expect it to be great.

GREAT features: the cold shot switch stays on, don't have to hold it, this is great for setting your hair; its is by far the lightest hairdryer I've ever found, and the stand is very functional.
Posted Fri, Feb 5th, 2010 by Sarah L. Rolfe
rating 5
This dryer is amazing!!! it dries my hair in 1/2 the time & everyone who uses it wants to get one after they use it, my friend says: "this is a whole new experience".

buy it - it's cheapest on and it's been amazing for over a year problems!
Would highly not recommend!
Posted Thu, Jun 12th, 2008 by R. Benz "Becca"
rating 1
I used this product as a professional stylist only because Chi provides them free to my salon...they are too hot (burn people) and there is not an easy cool shot button...the cool shot button has three heat settings:cool, very hot and scalding blisters...I would suggest the Bespoke T3 1800 watt unit for the consumer desiring salon results, it is lightweight but very powerful and fairly simple to sure to lock in your style w/ the cool shot for a second or two for super shiny sleek hair (w/ any dryer)...i also love the solano super but it is fairly heavy
Nice dryer
Posted Tue, Apr 10th, 2007 by Kristina
rating 4
I had read some reviews and wanted a dryer that would cut down on my drying time.    I don't think this one does it much quicker however it does work great.    My hair is much tamer after drying it with this dryer.    The heat gets VERY hot.    I use a Sedu flat iron afterwards and love the results.    I've only used it for two weeks but so far is does work well.
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