Not worth the money
Posted Wed, May 2nd, 2012 by Shannon
rating 2
Bought this dryer a year ago and now I regret buying it. It gets too hot and makes my hair puffy. And it's large and heavy. Not worth the money at all.
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Posted Fri, Feb 10th, 2012 by Stella
rating 5
I hesitated to buy this dryer because of the high price, but once I got it home, I realized that I would pay $ 300 for it. My hair looks like I just came from the salon.
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Absolutely love it
Posted Tue, Dec 6th, 2011 by Monica
rating 5
This CHI blue dryer is amazing! It smooths my hair unlike any hairdryer I've ever had. It looks like I just came out from the salon. Love, love it!
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Best Investment Of The Year
Posted Wed, Sep 7th, 2011 by Gloria
rating 5
I did a lot of research on the web prior to making my purchase. It turned out my best investment this year! I absolutely love it! My hair has never looked so healthy, been so straight and felt so smooth! I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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Good hair dryer
Posted Fri, Oct 22nd, 2010 by Anonymous
rating 4
Very light, very handy, and dries hair fast but won't burn or damage hair. Love it!
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"The Best Overall The Rest"
Posted Tue, Oct 5th, 2010 by Sherry B.
rating 5
This Is The Best Hair Dryer!!!! "YES It Does Get Hot" But Don't Hold It In The Same Place......I Must Say That This Ceramic Nano Ifaredheat CHI Hair Dyer Does What It Says Plus More It Locks In Natural Moister & Also Kills Germs Along The Way I'am African American And I Have Long Thick Hair Once Im Finished Useing This Dryer OMG My Hair Has A Shine, Moister & Ultimite Straightness Along With Softness This Is A Professional Ceramic Nano Infrared Low EMF Blow Dryer To Be Honest It's Only Used By Professional Hair Styliest So Agin Don't Hold It In One Place On Your Head LoL....
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Dry fast
Posted Tue, Aug 24th, 2010 by Adeline
rating 4
So happy to get this chi nano ceramic hairdryer! It's very professional with lots of air and heat but quiet enough. Dry my hair
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CHI Ionic Hair Dryer, Love it!
Posted Tue, Oct 20th, 2009 by Clair L
rating 4
I used to feel tired to dry my long hair with my old hair dryer, it always took at least 15 minutes to finish. It stopped blowing at last and I bought this blue CHI ionic hair dryer. Fortunately it doesn't let me down, it blows so fast and always finishes drying within 7 minutes, it's so easy for it to get the work done and the hair become very smooth, I love it!
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It blows faster than any dryer I've used
Posted Mon, Aug 31st, 2009 by Lydia B
rating 4
I have used many hair dryers in the past 15 years, but this one is the fastest that makes the drying easy, 10minutes for my long hair! It's absolutely awesome, and I am glad to say, CHI is good!
Anyway, I still wanna suggest, it's better not to let it blow thermal air all the time, but cool air at the end. Then you would enjoy the sheeny finish.
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Better than Sedu xti hair dryer
Posted Mon, Aug 17th, 2009 by Lancy G
rating 5
I gave my Sedu xti hair dryer to my sister, coz it's too large(heavy) for me. I got this CHI hair dryer last month. It's much lightweight than the previous Sedu Xti, yes, that makes me so comfortable using it. and it dries my hair fast and sleek. I really love my CHI hair dryer.
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