Posted Tue, Oct 2nd, 2012 by Kathryn Suzanne Mott
rating 5
I have longish, thick hair that hates humidity.    I live in California so as a solution (and lazyness) I wore my hair up with a band all summer.    It destroyed the hair follicle and became a fuzzy mess.    I went to my hair stylest and asked what to do.    She said the only solution was to cut it off but when she styled it, it behaved.    So she tried selling me a $345 hair dryer calling it "an investment."    Even if I had the money, I think spending that amount of money on a blow dryer is ridiculous.    So I went to amazon.    Read all the reviews, which is always tricky, but took a chance on this guy.    Never been happier with a "blind" purchase.    Granted, I had the best blow dryer target can buy (prolly $40), but the difference is amazing.    The diffuser smoothes my fuzzies, my hair is silky, and stays that way throughout the day, even with humidity/coastal weather.    Don't want to say I never write reviews because everyone says that but felt it would be a disservice if I didn't.    This review would have helped me while I was researching so there you go!
solia vs. sedu
Posted Tue, Sep 11th, 2012 by Shopaholic
rating 3
I am one of those people who didn't know any better and only used drugs store hair dryers. I have been getting the Japanese straight perm for many years every 6 months on my long (below the shoulder blades), slightly curly and thick Asian hair. I tried the top two best ones from Folica. I did not experience the significantly shiny hair that many people raved about at all unfortunately. My hair was less frizzy though. Here are the winners for the following categories:

weight: Sedu by far! The weight is the main reason I returned the Solia dryer. By the way, the cheapest return shipping fee through USPS with Delivery Confirmation Receipt is $12! Ouch.

airflow: Sedu. Even at the lowest setting, my hair was getting tangled and knotted like crazy with Solia. I also lost A LOT of hair after each hair drying session (double the usual amount). I don't want to go bald!

temperature: Solia. The cooler setting on the Solia was perfect for me. The warmer setting wasn't too hot. I don't think I'll ever use the hotter setting on the Sedu because the cooler setting was warm for me.

drying time: Tie. The time difference between the two was only like 3 minutes apart. Solia's 5 min vs. Sedu's 8 minutes.

Overall winner: Sedu.
I love this dryer!!!
Posted Sun, Jun 10th, 2012 by Cherie C. Hemphill "MOMOF2BOYZ"
rating 5
I have been very pleased with this hairdryer purchase.    It is a little heavier than the last one I owned but I don't mind that.    It has really GOOD power but is not overly HOT in temperature so I don't worry about it being so harmful to my hair.    I have a LOT of long hair and it dries it ALL so quickly.    I have never had a dryer that dries so well and QUICKLY.    It was well worth the investment.    The last hairdryer I bought, by the way, I bought at my salon and spent close to the same amount as this one cost.    It did not last long and I did not notice any difference from an inexpensive hairdryer.
Posted Sun, Feb 19th, 2012 by Elaine G
rating 5
I ordered the Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer and am very impressed!    I never have frizzy fly-aways anymore!    The only thing I caution is when you have thin hair, like I do, using the attachments are a necessity.    Without them, your hair will tangle because of the strength of the air flow.    Otherwise, I am very pleased.    Thank you!
Pro dryer made a huge difference
Posted Mon, Aug 29th, 2011 by Ace Sands
rating 4
Some things, you got to buy higher quality. We live and learn which items are worth spending on to get good quality. I am usually cynical of expensive products that promise but don't deliver I wish I knew that pro dryers made such a difference. I waited until my 30s to try a pro dryer and wow, what a difference. I have short, fine hair that needs volume but is also dry and brittle. I also am busy and impatient so I need a hair routine that's quick and effective. I don't know if it's the ions or the heat level or what but this dryer helps my hair get bouncy and shiny in little time. I love it! I did not rate it 5 because it's quite heavy but it's a solid 4.5 stars. I recommend anyone who can afford to get a hair dryer to bite the bullet and get a good machine. It is worth it!
Best Hair Dryer Ever!
Posted Mon, Feb 14th, 2011 by Lorry
rating 5
This is the best dryer I have ever spent money on! The "Solia" 1875w. I    usually don't spend this much money on a dryer, but it was worth it! It made such a difference in the shine and very soft. It also dried in half the time! I have long curly, dry, course hair.    It didn't fry my hair dry. It's like wind-blown. Very pleased with the quality of this product. I spent $84 but Amazon has it for $79.99 with S&H.
My hair dresser told me years ago to buy a quality dryer, I'm 45, I wish I listened to her. Worth the money.
Awesome power
Posted Sun, Jan 9th, 2011 by Suzanne Fontenot-williams
rating 5
I love this hair dryer.    It dries quickly and with little noise.    Super long cord, almost too long.    I recommend this product!
Great dryer but stopped working after 2 years
Posted Tue, Nov 2nd, 2010 by Shannon G. Johansen "shan956"
rating 3
This dryer worked great when I originally got it. My hair dried so quickly and was so soft. But after 2 years the low setting stopped working, only the high works now. Such a bummer because I considered this an investment and expected it to last longer.
fantastic dryer!!
Posted Mon, Nov 2nd, 2009 by gg
rating 5
this blow dryer is the best!!!! i have fine straight hair and this just does wonders for it. Where has this been all my life! Love it
Quiet but HEAVY and flattened my hair like a pancake!
Posted Wed, Aug 19th, 2009 by LovesMusic
rating 2
I ordered this hair dryer based on rave reviews on [...] after having purchased a flat iron there, based on the same reviews. Loved the flat iron, didn't end up loving the hair dryer. My problems with the dryer are:

1) It's HEAVY! I have long hair, and holding this monster at an angle so that it blows downward to smooth the hair shaft is a workout. Not fun to do after already having worked out in the morning before drying one's hair. Seriously, it's no featherweight.
2) It looks cheap! The way it's put together, the showing bits of glue between seals, and the look of it, are just cheesy. It's not a flimsy Conair, so why does it remind me so much of one?
3) The ions work too well. If you have very poufy hair or curly hair I suppose you'd like this aspect, but my thick, straight locks didn't appreciate the way the dryer made my hair lay flat on my head. NO BODY no matter how I dried it.

The good things about this dryer:
1) It is solid, even if it looks cheap. Or so it feels in the hand.
2) It's relatively quiet.

I returned mine and ended up getting a CHI. I believe CHI makes better hair dryers, while Solia makes better flat irons. Maybe Solia should stick to what they do best and leave the hair dryers alone?
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