Love this product
Posted Thu, Mar 24th, 2011 by Youngstowner
rating 5
Over the past few decades, we have bought this hair dryer style over and over.    It works well, held up to teens with long hair and is comfortable to use.    The attachments stay on during drying.    This style is hard to find, but worth the search.
One of a kind
Posted Sat, Jan 15th, 2011 by R. B. Pennington "rbupp"
rating 4
This dryer is essentially one of a kind of this basic style.    My wife loves this model which we have been ordering for years, even though most of them do not last as long as they should due to bad bearings and electrical issues.    We accept the questionable quality because everything else about this model is a "pro".
High pitched sound
Posted Sun, Dec 5th, 2010 by Frequent Buyer
rating 4
I've been using Vidal Sassoon hair dryers for as long as I can remember. They last for years and years and dry hair without blowing your entire head off - which is my biggest peeve with most high wattage hair dryers. There's something about the shape of this particular dryer that helps distribute heat evently without causing damage. So when my old reliable VS died - I went looking for the exact same version and shape - but was not quite lucky. Intense research led me to this one (a new and improved version I guess - same shape and all - but lighter and a tad narrower) I went ahead and bought it. It lives up to its predecessor for the most part. It falls short in several respects:

1. Does not dry my hair as quickly as the other one did but is still adequately fast (as I'm often short for time)

2. Has the most screeching, high pitched sound I have ever heard in a blow-dryer. While not a deal breaker - it took some time getting used to the sound. About 1 month into it I've gotten used to the noise level and am happy with my purchase.

I don't use the brushes - so I can't speak to their effectiveness - but I certainly would buy this hair dryer again, given the choice. It's lightweight, does the job and is a Vidal Sassoon, a brand I consider to be good quality and reliable.


Light and breezy ;-)
Posted Sun, Mar 14th, 2010 by P. Furman
rating 4
This is not a heavy duty hair dryer, but it has different speeds and it has a brush and comb attachment that I like.    Not a bad product.    It's a bit noisy, but then so are all hairdryers.
Posted Tue, Feb 16th, 2010 by Twinsboystwice
rating 1
Not only did it break in 3 days, but it died by turning bright red and smelling and vibrating. it was a very scary thing to have close to my head.    

I will be writing the company next.

I could go on about the product, how the comb is too sharp and the med and high buttons blew the same, but I think it's far more important for people to know this model is a DANGER.

Please AVOID.

It needs to be recalled.
Not as described
Posted Wed, Nov 25th, 2009 by Cam
rating 1
I ordered this item and it is not an "ionic" dryer as described (note the misspelling which should have been a clue).    There is no "ion" on/off switch as described.    Also, brush bristles started falling out as soon as I opened the box.    I returned it immediately.    Very disappointed in this product!
Great product!
Posted Sun, Apr 26th, 2009 by Punkin Pie
rating 5
This is a great hair dryer & is the 2nd or 3rd I have purchased over the years. They last forever, are very powerful for thick hair, & the attachments make blow-drying much easier than others. Have heard it's being d/c'd & hope that it's not true.
Great Hair Dryer for Men
Posted Sun, Apr 15th, 2007 by J. R. Conklin "Eclectic Amazonian"
rating 4
As a previous commenter penned, this dryer is both comfortable to hold and use and does a terrific job on adding volume and styling fine (or disappearing) hair.    The only slight problem is that the little bristles on the brush (which is all I use) seem to fall off little by little as it ages (kind of like my own problem).    Would be nice if they shipped two brushes (maybe slightly different configuration) instead of, or in addition to, comb and detangler.    Need a source for brush replacement (Helen of Troy?).
Styling Comb Makes the Difference!
Posted Sat, Apr 7th, 2007 by Denise K. Moline
rating 4
This is the only hairdryer that works to style my fine, limp hair, & I'm frustrated that more hairdryers are not modeled after this one.    I have not seen one in stores for years, so it was great to find it available online.
Exactly what I wanted
Posted Thu, Jan 11th, 2007 by College Dean
rating 5
I still prefer the shape of this kind of hair dryer to get the look I want.    This model works perfectly.
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