Not a good product
Posted Fri, Dec 30th, 2011 by Lady Review
rating 1
Would not recommend this product. It is heavy, loud, and difficult to use buttons. Buttons do not change positon easily. Also it seems to short out my electrical circuit. I have already replaced it. Does not dry hair faster or smoother than cheaper, lighter versions. Would not recommend.
Wouldn't recommend
Posted Mon, Oct 31st, 2011 by Sande C. Edwards
rating 2
I bought this dryer in a rush at Target and have regretted it ever since. My main issue with the design are the buttons. They are meant to be slid into position but I usually cannot get it to budge and have to try to force it my thumb nail, which isn't very pleasant.

It's also very loud and it constantly makes a popping crackling what-have-you noise like it may explode any moment.
doesn't do what it says
Posted Tue, Apr 12th, 2011 by read, learn, grow
rating 2
the retractible cord and the ionic technology were the selling points for me.    the box reads "provides maximum hair-conditioning ions for smooth, frizz-free hair."    not true.    my hair is curly and the ionic technology usually does the trick on managing dryer frizz.    however, this is not the case with this hair dryer.    i have come to the conclusion that the concentrator attachment is the problem.    it has holes on both sides that allow escape of air, and i can't think of any other reason than this to explain the frizz.    i bought a conair ionic as well, with the same type of concentrator, causing the same issue with my hair.    my previous dryer gave me the results that i like, and there were no holes in the concentrator.    the hunt continues...

Posted Sun, Mar 13th, 2011 by Nikki S.
rating 2
I had a nice, semi-expensive dryer prior to this, but because of my very fine hair, it was way too powerful, even on the lowest setting.    So I intentionally went looking for a cheap dryer and selected this one mainly for the retractable cord and diffuser.

The retractable cord is pointless.    First of all, you have to retract the cord out all the way and give it a good yank for it to stay out; otherwise it will start retracting on you.    Then when you do try to retract it, it doesn't go all the way, no matter how much I try to untwist and encourage it!    The other appliances I have with retractable cords give you the option to only pull the cord out part-way, this really threw me for a loop.

The folding handle is nice; it will come in handy for travel.    The cool-shot is not as cold as my previous dryer, but satisfactory.

The diffuser falls off alot during use, which I am not used to - the one on my last dryer was very secure and took effort to remove; this one falls off with a slight nudge.    Its annoying.

The dryer functions ok if you just want a basic cheap dryer, but the features I bought it for are not at all worth the hassle!    I would recommend looking at other models.
Oh how bad this dryer is ....let me count the ways!
Posted Tue, Dec 28th, 2010 by Nikkithegreek "one is enough"
rating 1
It's too heavy, it wiggles when you dry because of the folding handle, the retractable cord is too short, it's noisy, the buttons are insanely hard to turn on, the cool shot button is too easily pushed by mistake and it's toooooooo heavy!    When you have long hair you feel like you have been lifting weights with one arm for 20 minutes. Ouchie...... DO NOT BUY IT!    The people are Revlon need to go back to the drawing board with this one.
Don't want it anymore
Posted Sat, Nov 20th, 2010 by Nutmeg
rating 2
I had a Conair hair dryer for about 10 years before it died on me a few weeks ago. I decided on this Revlon hair dryer for features including the retractable cord and folding handle among others. Seemed like a great price for a decent hair dryer. It dries my hair fine but I cannot stand the on/off switches. They don't slide up and down easily and I often have to wedge something underneath the slide to get it to turn on. Drives me nuts. I don't recommend this dryer for that reason.
Danger, do not buy!
Posted Sun, Sep 12th, 2010 by JS San Diego
rating 1
I rate this negative stars, but forced to provide at least one for review.
I purchased this hair dryer less than 10 months ago from Target.    The selling points for me where the retractable cord, and quiet description.    Retractable cord worked ok, at times got stuck.    It was not quiet.

Lately I've noticed it made a funny sound once in a while.    As if something were grinding in it.
Today I turned it on, and it started to shoot sparks!!!    Luckily my hair was no where near the line of fire (literally)!
Sadly, I no longer have the receipt and doubt I can return it at Target.    I will try to write Revlon but unsure if it will do any good.    This is just a lesson learned to never buy Revlon hair dryer.    I've had Conair in the past and never any issues.    Heck they lasted about 10 years...
I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a hair dryer not to buy this one...unless you want your hair up in flames.
Don't buy it!!!
Posted Sat, Jun 19th, 2010 by Amanda Kop "luv2bemom"
rating 1
Trust everyone that says the switch is is!!!! i actually have a small tool in my bathroom that I have to use to turn it on!!! It is loud but, honestly, I could deal with that if the switch wasn't the most ridiculous design EVER!
It does blow hot air...
Posted Tue, Mar 30th, 2010 by Happy Camper "Eikie"
rating 1
...but that is all the positive I can say about this. I bought one of these tonight at a local store to replace my dead Conair - folding handle, retractable cord were what sold me originally. However the cord is not long enough to get to the top of your head (it is half the length of my previous dryer). I couldn't find any info on how long it was supposed to be but I couldn't seem to get it out any further.

The switch is impossible to work with an arthritic thumb. You shouldn't have to use two hands to turn the thing on or off!

NOISE! WOW! Loud and irritating! This thing is going back tomorrow. Obviously not a Happy Camper with this purchase.
Some bad, some good, but not good enough to keep
Posted Sun, Feb 7th, 2010 by P. Cluff
rating 2
I recently had to replace a very quiet hair dryer. The model I had previously was not in stock, so I purchased this Revlon 1875w Tourmaline dryer because of the "super quiet" labeling. The retractable cord and folding handle were features that helped me decide which model to choose.

The folding handle is great for storing the dryer away more compactly.

The retractable cord is a very nice feature, though not perfect as it doesn't always fully retract if there's a slight bend in the cord.

The dryer may be "super quiet" compared to much older models, but the high pitched whine of the motor is unpleasant and not that quiet.    Dh complains about it regularly.

The real deal breaker for me, however, is the power switch. It is a flat slide switch which is difficult to move to desired speed setting. Dh suggested I get some rubber finger tips from Staples so I'd have some traction.    I'd rather get a quieter dryer with a switch I can operate.

I have ordered my previous brand online and will be returning the Revlon dryer as soon as the replacement arrives.