Heating Element Gone after Two Years - But Read On
Posted Thu, Dec 15th, 2011 by J. J. Virginia "TwoDogs"
rating 4
The blow dryer worked fantastic for my wife and daughter until the heating element went out in July 2011.    The unit was purchased as a Christmas 2009 gift but is going in the trash pending discussion with manufacturer.    Can't recommend to anyone since the old Conair we have has worked for 7 years now.    Granted that dryer doesn't get nearly as hot as this one but maybe that's why this ceramic hair dryer is heading to the trash this Christmas.


Email'd Conair shortly after I wrote the above review to see about a replacement under warranty as device has a limited three year warranty.    Will update status of this review if warranty repair / replacement results are satisfactory.


OK the last paragraph was written at 1:24pm and I received a message from Dunia with Conair at 2:02pm with a phone number to call.    I called the number and Dunia says the blow dryer is under warranty and could she please have my address because they are sending out a replacement.    I think Dunia thought the call was dropped because I was silent.    I asked if I needed to send the old one back and she said it is up to you, but if you do, you have to pay shipping.    So I asked if I send it back, will you repair it and send it back to me if I pay shipping both ways.    Dunia's reply was we don't fix anything, we would inspect it to see what's wrong and then toss it in the trash.

So I took my review from 1 start back to 4 stars in just three hours - penalty of one star for the longevity of the dryer being two years.    Kudos to Conair - Can't believe that type of customer service in today's environment.
Great dryer
Posted Wed, Nov 30th, 2011 by TB "TB"
rating 5
This is my 2nd purchase of this model.    Works great and dries hair fast with nice soft results.    The weight of the dryer is well balanced and feels good in my hands.    Highly recommend it.
BaBylissPRO Super Turbo 2800 Porcelain Ceramic Hair Dryer BABP2800 Turbo Power
Posted Fri, Sep 16th, 2011 by RuthLoga
rating 3
I was looking for a blow-dryer that produced as much heat as the ones used at the popular Dominican-owned salons in the tri-state area of the country (NY, NJ, CT).    The Bablybliss Pro Super Turbo 2800 does a fair job of straightening my hair slightly coarse hair BUT I am STILL in search of those hot blow-dryers that the Dominican hairstylists use.    Whenever you ask these hairstylists the name of their blow-dryer, they never know and seem to draw a blank as to where they purchased them!    These hot blow-dryers must be an industry secret all across the board!    I GUESS IF THEY WERE TO REVEAL THEIR BLOW-DRYER SOURCE THAT WOULD MEAN A DRASTIC REDUCTION IN THEIR BUSINESS!    So my search resumes for that ultimate hair straightening blow-dryer....
Super hot blow dryer
Posted Mon, May 2nd, 2011 by Noha K
rating 4
If you have thick coarse hair like I do, this blow dryer is for you. It has more heat than any more expensive blow dryers I ever bought. A couple of draw backs to this product: the removable air concentration nozzle keeps falling off, and it's heavy -- which is why I didn't rate it as 5 stars!