The Best
Posted Sun, Aug 5th, 2012 by Laura H
rating 5
This travel dryer does the job well!    Strong motor dries hair quickly and leaves hair shiny.    It works as well as my dryer at home.

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It's perfect
Posted Mon, May 7th, 2012 by jpettigrew1229
rating 5
This is a great hairdryer for anyone on the go. I compacts very easily and    quickly for traveling. It is hot and the attachments fit and work very well!
Excellent dryer
Posted Sat, Mar 31st, 2012 by C. Johnson "tunetytan"
rating 5
Excellent and lightweight dryer,doesnt have as strong wind stream as most.But it amazingly dries hair fast without the high wind stream.I'm impressed and glad I bought it.
Excellent dryer
Posted Sat, Mar 31st, 2012 by Candice J. Johnson "Marsfan10"
rating 5
Excellent and lightweight dryer,doesnt have as strong wind stream as most.But it amazingly dries hair fast without the high wind stream.I'm impressed and glad I bought it.
Posted Mon, Mar 19th, 2012 by Colleen Wagoner
rating 5
It was just what I wanted:    a travel hairdryer with dual voltage and a diffuser attachment!    I have yet to use it so I can't comment on its functioning capability.
Posted Thu, Jul 14th, 2011 by CameliaC
rating 2
I bought this product from an Ulta store and the regular price of the item was 39.99 so I'm not really sure why it says on here that the original price is 99.99 but it's listed for 24.50. Strange. But anyway..

I bought this dryer because I will be going to Europe this fall, well the dryer is just OK. It is pretty powerful considering its smaller size and the fact that it only has a DC motor as opposed to a more professional AC motor, it dried my hair OK but it made it kind of frizzy or unruly, the dryer is pretty loud, and the hinge where the handle folds kept snagging my hair while drying it.

The biggest reason why I returned it though is because while I was reading the dual voltage instructions, I saw that it said while using it on the 220v setting you can only use the dryer in LOW. I have really long hair and if I were to do that it would take WAY too long to dry.

So I decided to return it and I will just buy an inexpensive dryer once I get to Europe. Plus I'll save some room and weight in my luggage.
Don't travel abroad with this!
Posted Thu, Jun 9th, 2011 by J. Brozek
rating 2
I needed a dual voltage blow dryer with a diffuser for a trip to Italy and France.    My diffuser didn't fit on the travel blow dryers I found locally, so I bought the Hot Tools one from Amazon.    As always, Amazon Prime got it to me quickly... no issues there.

However, the first time I tried to use it in Rome, I had it turned to the correct voltage, plugged it into my power adapter, and used it for about 30 seconds before it abruptly turned off.    Turns out it blew my power adapter.    We had used the power adapter for other items prior to the blow dryer with no issues, so I'm certain it was the blow dryer that fried it.    Since I paid $30 for it, I will keep it to use on domestic trips.    The small size does make it much easier to pack than my full-sized blow dryer.    I'd look for something more reliable if you are looking for a blow dryer to take on trips out of the US, though.
wonderful hair dryer
Posted Mon, May 16th, 2011 by fishyks
rating 5
I can only recommend this travel hair dryer. I do like the defuser works well, and works well for 240V. Great product and I would buy this product again.
Diffuser doesn't diffuse air at all
Posted Thu, Jan 6th, 2011 by Danielle Drew
rating 1
I bought this since it was the only travel dryer with a finger-style diffuser attachment (my current travel dryer won't take a "universal" one). But the diffuser attachment of this dryer is so open that it doesn't diffuse at all. The air flow seems the same with or without the attachment, meaning it just frizzes out curly hair. It's also not all that small for a travel dryer, nor very light. There are better travel dryer options on the market, and the diffuser is pretty pointless on this one.
Posted Sun, Dec 26th, 2010 by JackieD
rating 4
I ordered this dryer to go overseas with me. I ususally use a tourmaline, ionic, SpeedFreak dryer at home. I have fine curly hair and anything else will damage my hair and dry it out. This dryer was perfect! I had no problem with it adapting to outlets, it's much lighter in weight, has great power, comes with attatchments, and folds to make it so easy to pack. Besides jeans and boots, my hair dryers have always been a pain to travel with. Now I never have to worry about it again! Do realize it's not as small as a hotel dryer though, and that's why it still has the power a good dryer needs, but it folds and the attatchments are small. It's an awesome dryer especially for the price! I think I will have to buy some for Christmas gifts next year :)
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