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T3 Hair Dryer FAQ

T3 introduces inspired hair tools that features the patented use of Tourmaline, a precious stone that possesses unique ionic and infrared properties. The presence of Tourmaline guarantees unsurpassed performance to make the T3 hair dryer totally unique.

What is good about the T3 hair dryers?

  • Super Fast, Super Smooth, Super Shiny!
  • The T3 hair dryer dries 2X faster! It also dries differently. Hair does not look blow dried and frizzy. This hair dryer gives amazingly silky, shiny results! Reduces appointment times so the salon fit in extra appointments.
  • It is so lightweight!
  • A new motor type called efficient DC is used. It has the longevity of AC but is ultra lightweight.

Patented use of Tourmaline. How does it work?

The secret is the use of this very expensive, natural emitter of ions and infrared. Working like a magnet, Tourmaline is the strongest, longest lasting source of ionic and infrared juice used in medicine, skincare, air and water purifiers, HairArt brings this unique substance to the hair industry that brings exclusive and substantial performance-enhancing benefits. NO other hairdryer uses Tourmaline.

Any other important features?

  • 1800 watts of total power
  • Uses a ceramic heating coil which also emits negative ions and Far Infrared
  • Includes ionized concentrator, sized perfectly to distribute heat across a typical hair section
  • NEW packaging and striking design product information tells the Tourmaline story and benefits
  • T/G Tourmaline Guaranteed logo so you know you are getting the best!

Frequently Asked Questions:

So, why are negative ions important when drying hair?

Negative ions close the cuticle layer to create a smooth, silky hair surface and seal in the hair's natural moisture. That's why the T3 Ionic Hairdryer does not dry out or create frizziness. They also break up water molecules into smaller sizes on the hair surface. These evaporate more quickly for fast drying! Smaller water particles also penetrate the hair shaft more easily for added moisture.

Why is infrared important when drying hair?

Far Infrared heat penetrates the hair to heat it gently from within. This creates a different type of heat that does not heat the air. Instead, more heat is delivered directly to the hair shaft and less to the surface of the hair. As a result, hair is not damaged. Because infrared penetrates deep into the shaft, heat is felt but this is due to penetrating heat and less surface heat.

Where is the Tourmaline in this dryer?

We actually inject Tourmaline into the components such as the fan and motor mounts. This way the dryer never loses it is Tourmaline power! This process is patented.

How does this compare to other ionic dryers?

Some ionic dryers apply an ionic spray coating inside the barrel of the dryer. Due to the air speed and intense heat, this coating eventually erodes and wears off so the dryer loses its ionic and infrared juice' Others feature ion generators but this is not as powerful as Tourmaline. They do not dry as quickly and the hair is not left as healthy as a result. Most dryers (ordinary ionic, European etc.) rely on high heat and high wind speed to dry hair. High heat damages hair and high wind speed uses more energy, requires larger motors that are heavy and tend to breakdown more quickly.

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Comments (1)

Posted by Anonymous on Sun, Aug 3rd, 2008
Do they work in Japan?
Posted by Danny on Mon, Dec 19th, 2011
Most T3 dryers (except T3 Featherweight Journey)can't be used overseas. They are designed for North American plugs and operate using 110v only. T3 Featherweight Journey can be used overseas with a plug adaptor but remember to set the dryer to the correct voltage.

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