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Step by Step Blow Dry Tips

Direct ION Technology and Tourmaline penetrate through the hair cuticle, going directly to the cortex drying it first and injecting a high volume of ions into the air stream, depositing them directly onto the hair. Hair maintains its shine and softness!
Step 1
Always start on clean hair. Pre-dry hair on a medium heat and speed setting. Section your hair and secure the top layers with clips.
Step 2
Attach the concentrator attachment to the nozzle of the dryer, and turn the heat and the speed best for your hair.
Step 3
Start with the bottom section of hair.

Step 4
Place a large round brush under the hair, as close to scalp as possible.
Step 5
Pull away towards the ends of hair and dry from roots to ends, moving the brush and the dryer together down the hair shafts.
Step 6
Make sure the airflow is always angled down toward the ends, to allow the hair cuticles to lie flat giving your hair a smoother and shinier feel and look.

Step 7
Unclip the next layer and
repeat. To style the hair
around your face, pull the
round brush forward as you

High heat will allow you to style your hair in the desired shape and smooth frizz. Finish off with the cool shot, to set the style.


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