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Home » Hair Dryer Tips and Guides » How to Use Hair Dryer Concentrator?

How to Use Hair Dryer Concentrator?

The concentrator directs the airflow precisely, it is especially recommended for smoothing and shaping your hair. It is also used to produce more volume from the roots.

Using a hair dryer with a concentrator:

  1. Pre-dry your hair with the hairdryer on the highest heat setting. For drying, separate your hair into 5-cm wide sections. Place a large round brush at the root of one of the sections.
  2. Point the hair dryer with the concentrator at a 90-degree angle to the section and run the brush under it, beginning at the roots and working down to the tips. Your hair dryer should now be set at medium. Repeat the process several times to dry the section completely before moving on to the next section.
  3. Finish by turning the ends under.

To set the hair style and achieve a "long-lasting" effect, finish by blowing a "cool shot" through your hair.

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