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CHI Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

  • CHI Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
  • CHI Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
  • CHI Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
CHI Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
Brand : CHI
  • the rating of CHI Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
  • 45 reviews from Hdryers.com
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    List price: $200.00

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  • $102.95
Best hair dryer rated by Wall Street Journal Eastern Edition. CHI hair dryer is a lightweight, quiet professional blow dryer that utilizes ceramic technology, negative ions and infrared heat for healthy and shiny hair.

CHI Hair Dryer Features:

  • Ceramic Technology: Ceramic will maintain even temperature all the time, seal hair cuticle, locks in hair color
  • Ionic Technology produces positive energy and infuses moisture into the hair shaft. Negative ions also help reduce frizz, static electricity while leaving hair shiny and healthy. Ionic hair dryer reduce blow drying time
  • Far Infrared Heat maintains safety of the environment and our health. Reduces the level of EMF (Electric Magnetic Field). Traditional blow dryers contain up to 1500 microns of EMF that can be dangerous, CHI Turbo Professional Hair Dryer contains less than 1.5 microns
  • Life expectancy is 1200 hours as opposed to 500 hours for conventional dryers
  • Two speed settings
  • Cool shot button
  • Ergonomically designed. Light weight and quietest professional dryer
  • Power source: 110V 60Hz 1500W for use in US/Canada
  • Model GF1541
  • Not for household use in Canada
  • One-year limited warranty


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No heat
Posted Tue, Dec 29th, 2015 by GG
rating 1
Bought the chi hair dryer almost 2 years ago and the heat element just went out and did not use the dryer everyday and was kept clean! Waste of money!!
  • poor quality
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Chi Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer
Posted Sat, Dec 24th, 2011 by P. L. Culp
rating 0
Heating element died after only 6 months.    My other one, not a Chi, worked fine but the nozzle cracked after 8 years.    Chi not a quality product. Don't buy.
  • powerful, smooth result,
  • poor quality
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4 years and still strong
Posted Thu, Nov 24th, 2011 by Julie
rating 5
I definitely love my CHI ceramic ionic dryer. for 4 years it gives smooth, silky hair and never had a problem. It still works like the day I purchased it.
  • powerful, dries hair fast, lightweight
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Posted Tue, Jun 28th, 2011 by Terry Munce
rating 1
I have purchased flat irons and blowdryers from CHI and have been very dissatisfied. The blowdryers seem to last just over a year-which is then outside the warranty period, and of coarse, Chi will do nothing at that point. It is a shame to pay this amount of money for a product that doesn't hold up. I have been using the same K-Mart dryer for over 10 years, now and it still works perfectly. Consider the problems with CHI products before wasting your money. Most people cannot afford to buy a new blow dryer or flat iron every other year!!
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Heating - Gone
Posted Mon, Jun 20th, 2011 by Anonymous
rating 1
Heating element went out after almost 2 years. Very disappointed!! Will not buy another CHI!
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Posted Thu, Mar 24th, 2011 by Anita
rating 1
I have gone through 6 or 7, the last three rplaceds for $35 each.    Different problems, switch, no heat, melting trans box, blowing sparks, the last two lasted less than 6 months.    EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IN THE TECHNOLOGY.    SWITCHED TO ANOTHER COMPANY.
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Chi Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer
Posted Thu, Mar 17th, 2011 by Ruth Enkiri
rating 1
I purchased a Chi Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer thinking I was making an investment in a high quality hairdryer that would last me a long time.    While it was working, I loved it but after six months it just stopped.    It wouldn't blow air when I turned it on.    I returned it to Farouk.    After paying shipping and another fee they sent me a new hairdryer.    This one did the same thing after less than two months.    It just stopped working.
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Chi Heating element went out
Posted Mon, Aug 16th, 2010 by Anonymous
rating 3
the heating element just went out in my Chi after 10 months, I replaced a Paul Mitchell for Chi after same problem....going back to walmart for next purchase. Chi is supposed to send a replacement for 15.00. So I guess i'll wait to hit Walmart in about 10 or 11 months!
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still searching
Posted Thu, Aug 5th, 2010 by Anonymous
rating 3
i am a professional hairstylist and absolutely love the performance of the CHI turbo. It is fast, hot, and super quiet! I can use it on the high setting and still carry on a conversation with my client without shouting! It does get very hot so i am constantly clicking the cool shot button so as not to burn my client. The down side is that I seem to be constantly replacing them. Ive had some that last 2 years and some that only last 3 months. I dont know what makes the difference, but I cant afford to be without a dryer while im waiting for a replacement over and over. I am still searching to find a dryer to equal the performance of the CHI without the hassle of constantly breaking.
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Heating Element went out
Posted Tue, Jul 6th, 2010 by Randee
rating 1
Just after warranty expired (14 months).    I would not purchase this again.    I had a second one that also broke within a couple of years.
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CHI Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer